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Start your own Travel agency (B2B Website) with Hotel XML Suppliers integration.

Teamindiawebdesign is the perfect place to ensure sophisticated and risk free travel solutions for travel agents. We aim at making the work easy for both the tour operators as well as the travel agents with the help of newer technologies to come out with top results engaging more clients to come back to them.

With the evolution of technology, there is nothing left untouched from Internet. Now easy services like that of purchasing of holidays, flights, cars and hotels can be easily done here. This has shrunk the globe and bought people closer. If we compare the recent trends of few years, then it can be seen that the role of travel agent is immense. In order to make the things comfortable, customized planning is must. It is here when the travel agent comes into picture.

What to expect from travel agent?

The responsibility for travel agent is quite lot and with this it becomes indispensible to know what you can expect in order to make you’re traveling easy. It is his task to save your time by offering management from beginning to end of your trip.

    • Hotel Bookings………………..Yes
    • Flight Bookings... …………….Yes
    • Car Hire ……….………………Yes
    • Flight Bookings... …………….Yes
    • Tours and sightseeing   …… .Yes
    • Assured Services…………… .Yes

    How many hotel, flight XML Suppliers available for integration on website?

    There are various Flights, hotels, transfers, tours, car xml suppliers available which provide their inventory. But its a job of travel agent to choose which xml suppliers they need to use on website because every supplier have their own specific region where they provide the inventory.


    For Hotels: Please have a look on below xml suppliers list and their specific regions.

    • GULLIVER - GTA XML Integration - Gullivers Travel Associations – Hotels, Tours, Transfers
    • TOURICO XML Integration – Hotels, Cruises - Worldwide Inventory
    • SPECIAL TOURS XML Integration - Europe & Middle East hotel inventory
    • HOTELSPRO XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel inventory
    • BOSCOLO XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
    • JUMBO XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
    • KUONI XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
    • MIKI XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel Inventory
    • TravelAsia XML Integration - Far East Hotel Inventory
    • HotelsDo XML Integration - Spanish Hotel Inventory
    • SMILO XML Integration - Spanish, European and Central American Hotel Inventory
    • WHL XML Integration - Italian Hotel Inventory
    • Transhotel XML Integration - Spanish and European Hotel Inventory

    Now, travel agent need to decided which xml api supplier he will proceed with and then make a contract between the desired suppliers. Once contract is established, above xml suppliers will provide you demo details which is valid for approx 6 months. While developing website, we will use the demo details and fetch the hotel and flight inventory and display on our website.


    Core feature for travel agent website(B2B) : Basically there are two areas for B2B website.

    Super Admin (Administration Area) : This is for website administrator

    • Section for creation travel agency and their agents, sub agents with their roles and privileges.
    • Markup Management : where Admin can choose markup either in percentage or fixed for different destination or different agency
    • View all Bookings.
    • Destination Management


    Frontend Area :

    • Agent Registration
    • Agent login
    • Once login, we will display search box which contains Select destination,Select Resort, Check in date, Checkout date, number of nights, number of rooms, number of adult and child as per room selection.
    • Once agent select any search criteria and click on search button, we will send xml request to our XML suppliers and they will provide us net price for each hotel. After that we will add agent markup on net prices to make it gross price and display on hotel result page.
    • Hotel Result page : We will show all hotes comes from XML suppliers with our markup. Each hotel will have small,long description, images gallery, map location etc. We will also show rooms information for every hotel with select button so that agent can choose any room of any hotels. Once agent select any room then we will move agent to basket page.
    • Booking page : This page will have selected hotel and their selected rooms, cancellation policy for each selected room and passenger information with lead passenger name.and once filled all information we will send online booking confirmation request to XML Supplier and send booking voucher to the agent. Voucher will have agent logo and agent information at top and bottom.
    • Agent can view all their booking on booking area and can also cancel the booking if needed.


    Integrate multiple XML Suppliers

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