RoomsXML for the BEST Travel Arrangements Worldwide

roomsXML is a leading accommodation wholesaler, with vast inventory and great negotiated rates. Setting up a ‘Net Agreement’ with roomsXML, and having their feed to run through your Team India Web Design  application may substantially enhance your profitability and product offering.

roomsXML is an accommodation wholesale distributer designed for travel companies. And because it solely focuses in offering accommodation, it can do so cost-effectively. roomsXML is a single feed to more than 80,000 unique properties across thousands of destinations around the world, offering you real time access to rooms that are available at the best net rates.

roomsXML has direct contracting offices and dedicated business units strategically located across the globe. Their local reach combined with global buying power enables them to establish fruitful relationship with hotels that not only adds to their unique product offering and rate competitiveness but also helps in getting availability during peak seasons.